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Memorecks at SAMPLER CAFE (Edmonton) 19:06
SAMPLER CAFE is a Bi-Weekly event that happens 5-9pm on Saturdays an evening...
#sogonechallenge - beatsbyjblack 00:40
Memorecks - Padmashing (MPDx2) 07:01
Completely live set using an MPD24 and MPD26. Using Drum Rack in Ableton Live to load all the samples.
Fresh Kils - The Price is Right Routine 02:24
Fresh Kils performs his Sound Battle Royale Championship winning routine, right from the Kilzone kitchen. Shot by Pangea Delphi
Photo Album
Shots by Daena Crosby
At Sampler Café we are dedicated to creating a family friendly and safe creative environment. Feel free to try your hand at some of our gear as there is always someone willing to share knowledge. Writers and sketchbook artists also welcome to share creative atmosphere.
Sampler Cafe is bringing back Beatsbyjblack. If you were at the last show you already know but if you missed out you already know. If you're not in the know just check out some of his youtube videos that have caught fire and then you will know this man puts in work on the MPC. A night of beatmakers,djs,community,feel good vibes,creative arts. 9pm doors $10 cover Local support from SAMPLER CAFE & Guests
Thursday, November 03, 2016
Thursday, November 03, 2016