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Memorecks at SAMPLER CAFE (Edmonton) 19:06
SAMPLER CAFE is a Bi-Weekly event that happens 5-9pm on Saturdays an evening...
#sogonechallenge - beatsbyjblack 00:40
Memorecks - Padmashing (MPDx2) 07:01
Completely live set using an MPD24 and MPD26. Using Drum Rack in Ableton Live to load all the samples.
Fresh Kils - The Price is Right Routine 02:24
Fresh Kils performs his Sound Battle Royale Championship winning routine, right from the Kilzone kitchen. Shot by Pangea Delphi
Photo Album
Shots by Daena Crosby
At Sampler Café we are dedicated to creating a family friendly and safe creative environment. Feel free to try your hand at some of our gear as there is always someone willing to share knowledge. Writers and sketchbook artists also welcome to share creative atmosphere.
Cypherwild presents:

Hi, Im STLNDRMS. You pronounce my name Stolen Drums (or Stolen Dreams if you're feeling extra wavy)
I'm really just another dude who loves making beats and digging for records. So I made a couple beat tapes, started a show to hang with my homies and make music, started a club so we'd always have crazy records to sample from and made this site so you could check it all out.

with support from

is a diverse community of beat smiths, sample sculptors, pad smashers and musical misfits that work together to promote unity through the craft of music and to share beat culture with the masses. From hosting open jam sessions, engaging the community through educational workshops, welcoming guest educators and performers or creating sample heavy electronic music live as a team, Sampler Cafes approach is focused on opening up the portal of accessibility for newcomers and veterans alike to shape a space to exchange knowledge and new ideas in the art of the beat.

& guests (TBA)

Emcee cypher hosted by Elton Francis aka Self from The Liberators
(names will be picked out of a hat at random)

we are constantly pushing forward in the Edmonton community to help the BEAT SCENE/CULTURE grow. where the beatmakers,beatsmiths,producers take the spotlight. We want to create space,find venues where we as musicians can share our music in a more engaged atmosphere.The focus is the vibe of whats going on not whats hot on the radio or how many bottles you can pop.We are here to share our art and also build,grow,learn with other creative minds from local to international artist.Its all about opening portals to places you would never of thought of reaching by making music.Many of our guests so far all come from different backgrounds but all share the same energy of helping your community grow. Join us and be apart of something more than your average club night/show.

$10 cover
18+ event
Thursday, November 03, 2016
Thursday, November 03, 2016